Text box not showing as an option for update action

Hi I’m designing a simple order app with a card-list of products on the home screen. The user clicks one and the next screen contains the current product name and unit weight and cost. I added a quantity input form field, and a calculated text box that will multiply the unit cost x the quantity that the user inputs. A button at the bottom contains an update action tied to an “order items” db collection. I want to update the “cost” property of this collection but the calculated textbox doesn’t show up as an option. Notably if I add the same calculation to a form input box it’ll show up but this isn’t practical since the user can change it. I’ve attached a screen shot to illustrate- any help much appreciated:)

Because text boxes cant be used as inputs in calculations.

You can use another input box and if you dont want the user to be able to edit it, just put a transparent rectangle over it. Then they can see it but cannot edit it.

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Many thanks- I find it strange in that case that it lets me insert a formula into a text box but I’ll use your work-around for it. Much appreciated:)

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