Text box not saving

I made a journal app and the text box isn’t saving the text people are writing. I write in the app, then swipe up to close the app and when I open it again, the words are gone. The same thing happens when I write in the app, then press the button that links back to the other screen. If I open the one I wrote in again, the texts are gone. This app is already published and I have subscribers. Please help.

I got this reply from my ticket. Can someone PLEASE walk me through how to add the action and be able to save

You didn’t mention anything about the action of saving the information.

Going back is an action to change views, not save what you wrote.

You need an action that will save the data.

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Are you creating a new entry to save that information?

After the text is written and you press whatever your action button is, you should be saving that text to your database somewhere. Weather you are creating a new entry or updating an existing one.

Can you tell me how to do that please?

Can you tell me how to do that please

This help doc should help you:

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Hey @Kelceymarie

I’m also building a journal app that is about self-discovery. I like what you’re doing, keep up the great work. I had the same struggles as you when I first started building on Adalo.

Keep in mind with journals and buttons.

CREATE button creates and starts the journal entry, and then you use the UPDATE button to update the rest of the entry, just fill the update button with the input boxes in each slot. Depending how many screens / inputs you have, you probably only need to use the create button once, and update button at the end of your journal entry.

Depending what you labeled your collections for entries, and also input boxes.

Is this what you mean? I added a button and made a collection for the anxiety journal. I think this means that it saves to the anxiety journal collection now??

Hey! Could you look at my screenshots and let me know if this is right? I’m very much a visual learner :woozy_face:

Now, you would click on the magic text icon (red icon across from the “name” property) and then you would go to Other components > then the input that has the journal entry

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When I do that with the create and update in preview, it erases the text when I click the button

Yeah, because in the create action you’re deleting the whole entry. Remove the update action and try again.

Also, I would recommend having a property for each input. For example:

  • Date/Time - Date/Time (input for time)
  • Journal Entry - Journal Entry (input for the entry)
  • so on…

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this. It’s very new and frustrating.

So, if I link the button to the action “create” and select “anxiety journal”, add the inputs, and get rid of the “update” action. What do I do next? How do I make it not erase everything?

Again, thank you so much for your time

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No problem.

Yes, it should work now. Just as you created a “Name” property for the Anxiety Journal, create other properties for the other inputs.

Unfortunate it’s still deleting. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. I have attached a photo of the page where you choose what day to write, it has the create anxiety journal action, and then on the page it links to, we see the button at the bottom that should save the entry so when the app user opens the app later they can see the entry.