Very slow my apps

Hello, how can I solve the problem of the apps, it is VERY slow, my clients are rejecting the apps, I am paying for a service that Adalo does not fulfill, I NEED an urgent solution or else a refund of every month payments since the service does not fulfills it

Hi Santiago,

I’m very sorry for this. You can try talking to support about this if that’ll make you feel better. :slight_smile:

You can find performance updates here:

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Thanks for the answer, the truth is I already sent many times to videos but I have NO answers, I have no solution, but if they charge me the monthly fee instantly and each time my apps work WORSE … a button takes about 15 seconds to load, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use

Did you add so many actions?

When you click on the logo to enter the app, it takes 15 to 20 seconds, you enter a product and adding to the cart also takes a long time … it is VERY VERY SLOW, few actions on the buttons, but that cannot be a determining factor when using an app … we are paying for a service that the speed is VERY BAD in a time where apps work VERY WELL

Where do you live? The server with databases is located in the US.

Hello, the apps are used in Argentina and Paraguay, I do not use external apps, everything is stored inside adalo and using the app is a SHAME of how slow

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