The chat screen input and send button can't be changed?

If I take the group that has the chat input and button for a chat screen and do anything short of resizing, it completely breaks.

I wanted the button outside of the input because text as it’s typed normally, shows underneath the “send” button. This looks really ugly. If I move the button outside the input, it breaks.

I can’t recreate this group either. If I try to group an input and button together, when I click on the input to enter text, it immediately minimizes.

Are we required to have the submit button inside the chat input?

Submit buttons can be outside of the text input.

The issue you are having is likely to be related to groups (if you copy a component of a group it seems to stay part of the group even if you move it. In that case you have to ungroup the components then regroup them). Also when you copy a component any actions remain the same so that would be worth checking.

In my experience you would be better off building the chat screen from scratch so you don’t run into these kind of issues.

Ugh…I figured out what was actually happening. You really need to pay attention to the “fixed” attribute in edit styles section on each component in the group. I didn’t realize how many things were attached to the bottom. I thought the chat screen was somehow “special” as opposed to being build with components like normal. I got it working making my own chat screen.

Thanks for the reply.