Buttons and other functions and stuck in line with the chat scroll

I have a few commands set up on a chat page between my buyer and seller. I want the chat scroll control to be independent of what is around it. For some reason when I scroll through the chat the text, buttons, and map I have set up on the page all scroll with those messages as well. I’m trying to avoid this somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Could you create a short video to demonstrate this behaviour? I’m a bit confused as to what you mean?

Here’s a video of the issue I’m referring to. I’d like the chat scroll to be independent or at least the other components fixed without being impacted by the scroll of the chat. Attached below is a video of what I mean. It’s not public but you view if you click the link.!

Ok gotcha.

If you want something to be static when scrolling you must group those components together > Edit style > Fixed > Bottom / Top


This is currently the only way to fix an item’s position.

Thanks for pointing that out it works how I’d like it to now.

Is there a way to ensure components maintain their fixed position regardless of the visibility of other components on the same page?

I’ve never tried that, maybe do some experimenting and let me know what you found :slight_smile:

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