The last crucial feature!

Adalo has for sure come a long way! And the recent updates are absolutely amazing! I feel the last feature missing is a way to export the code, kind of like flutter flow. What do you guys think?

P.S. If any adalo staff reads this are there any updates?

Also, Deeplinking is another last crucial feature!

  • There’s a component for deep-linking from Pragmaflow.
  • What’s crucial depends entirely on the individual and their needs.

I for once believe there are many other crucial features missing in Adalo because most users don’t have an interest in exporting the code and they want to continue building their app within Adalo, but they need more capabilities.

Deep Linking is something very doable today in Adalo…

I have yet to see/get Pragmaflow’s deep linking work (in a mobile app). Can you share how you got deep linking to work @njimmy10 ?

What exactly do you want me to share?

How do you have it working? Could you share a screenshot of the settings? Does it work for both Android and iOS?

I haven’t seen a single post where anyone has shown it working, although maybe I missed it.


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I don’t use their latest one. I use the old deep linking system connected to a self built api which connects to it and make it work… i can share a video with you about it if you’re interested

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Ah, ok. So the latest version doesn’t work? If you wouldn’t mind sharing a video, it would be appreciated, thank you.

Thanks. Would you be able to share the Adalo screen settings and what the API does/how it works?

I tried the pragmaflow component it is great, although it is limited in some aspects and a “native” version is always better. Also, I do guess you are right that it is perception-based what is crucial, but it might be nice to export code and it would also would maybe attract more developers to the site and let makes expand further on the line. But I do agree most current users just want a no-code solution.