A slightly embaressing question about Pragmaflow's Deep Linking component

I have a bit of a noob question as I’m struggling to get Pragmaflow’s deep linking component working…

I’ve watched the video, I’ve installed the component, I’ve configured the component…but I’m a little puzzled as to what I do with it now…??
(I have messaged Pragmaflow, but appreciate he’s a busy guy and I’d really like to get this working…)

Here’s a couple of screenshots, the first is what I have so far, the second is a share ‘button’ I’ve created to initiate the share.

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Hi Mark,

If you test with PWA it will not work because the Deep Linking component only works on Native :

We updated the deep linking component and released it to the marketplace. This will allow you to deep link to any page within your application. This works on Native only, not PWA.

Thank you


@dilon_perera Thanks for the reply, errm, my app isn’t a PWA, it’s a mobile app.

Oh. Sorry! Then I’m not sure about that! If a maker that using this Pragmaflow component will help you or Pragmaflow will get back to you!

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Any deep linking component users out there who can share their insight…?


I see you added the component and everything, but i can’t see what is your problem.

This is where it’s a bit embaressing, I can’t figure out how to ‘make it work’.
How do I now share the deep link?

My use case is this:
I want my users to be able to share news stories from within the app, so, my thinking is I have a ‘share’ icon on each news story which the user can then tap to share.

This component seems to give the potential for each page to have a unique ‘path’, but I’m not sure what to do with that path…??

I’ve tried a click action to a button/icon, using the ‘Share’ option, but when the button is tapped here’s what it looks like when it’s shared:

And when it’s shared, and the ‘link’ is tapped it tries to open a browser window and fails, as shown here:

I may have misinterpreted this component, but I thought it was meant to open the app and go directly to the page being shared…?

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Well you have all setup, but a small question, when sending the url, is is transferred and a hyperlink url or just a normal text?

This component, you only need to add it to the app where the user should be linked to when clicking on the url, then build the app of course with it, and open the url from a conversation and not safari directly or any other browser. You have it configured well, maybe if the url is not being openned directly add a .com after the “app”

This is what it looks like for the recipient; when you tap the ‘link’ it opens a browsers (as shown in one of the screenshots from my earlier message)

In the video tutorial @Mitch-Pragmaflow made he said that the ‘URI’ scheme can be anything; I tried ‘anything’ but it didn’t work, so I replicated how he set up the app in his tutorial video just to ensure I wasn’t missing anything out.

@njimmy10 Have you successfully implement this deep link component?
Would you be willing to share a screenshot of how you have it setup? (you can DM me if you prefer)

My video uses the arbitrary js component in a pwa which is very different from the use case.

You would not want to have a page per post but dynamically load the post on a single dynamic page.

Route the user to the page

Use a list to load the appropriate post

The share url would have to include an identifier for the post so you know what to load.

Working on native, I am not sure what the equivalent of window.location is (which I use in the pwa to get the url params) but that’s where I would start.

Hi @Mitch-Pragmaflow
Thanks for the reply, and apologies for the late reply to your post (we’ve had a couple of public holiday’s here in the UK : )

Just to reiterate my use case, I’m not building a PWA, it’s a mobile app; not sure if that makes any difference in the application of the use of the component…??

Completely understand this, this is actually what I had in mind, I’ve been trying to get the component working on one page to begin with and then expanding from there…

Not sure how I’d do this in an app…? If you have a video you can point me towards (besides the one you’ve already created that is : )

I think I understand this, but as I’m trying this on a single screen to start with I assume the ‘identifier’ would be the screen name…?

Really appreciate your time in creating this component, I’m desperate to get it working
: )

Hey Mark, sorry about the delay.

I’m going to have a dev look into this so we can see what the issue and the scope of fixing it would even be. hopefully it’s not much.

Great, thanks @Mitch-Pragmaflow
I messaged you using the form on your website, I included a ‘share’ of the app.
Let me know if you need anything from me?

Hey Sorry, you’re right, I did give you the version for PWA.

I asked about this and it sounds like the fixes to make this work would likely be pretty extensive. The component was already using fairly deep level access.

It’s most likely that a recent(ish) update broke the functionality. In terms of updating the code, we just don’t have hours of dev time to chuck at it right now.

We’re considering launching a ‘go-fund-me’ type thing for each component so that we can fund the work.

We will also be updating our site with statuses at least to provide more visibility into what does and doesn’t work right.

Sadly, we would probably go broke fixing components to keep up with platform changes.

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I would gladly pay for a working deep linking component… Just saying…

Out of the gate, it’s likely to be a 2-day minimum (~2k) and that’s if things go very well. The challenges for this particular item are abundant.

Then there’s maintaining, every time it breaks (which is likely to be often enough) we would have to fix it up.

So we can absolutely take on such a job, we just can’t offer much in the ways of guarantees or fixed prices.

We can continue this chat in dm but I wanted to respond here just to give a sense of why we aren’t rushing to take it on as a paid job.

We’re happy to do it. But we want to make sure that we are being up-front about the cost and challenges.

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Thanks for this @Mitch-Pragmaflow, appreciate your honest appraisal and answer.
If we had some cash I’d 100% get you guys on this, unfortunately we just don’t : (
Not yet anyway.

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that the gap between the cost of component development and the average budget of Adalo users is usually a blocker.

Sadly the dev environment is pretty challenging on account of the lack of ability to troubleshoot and debug quickly, and generally vague warnings and errors. So this ads all sorts of time costs.

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I completely understand, budget always seems to be an issue.
Thanks for the reply though : )

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