The primary key field in the adalo database

Does the Adalo database have the ability to create fields with auto-increment? Fields that have the Primary Key type, as in well-known databases?
I need to link a field in one table to a list of fields in another. One object from one table has many objects in another table. Relationship is 1 to n.

Hi @spaceoberon,
You can create the relationships via the collections:

Another way is, you can create a field UUID to create a unique ID in each record and store that value in the other table also.

Adalo in the database already has primary key, but it is not exposed directly (You need API to do a GET request in order to see the ID), you need to save them in the database, you could use this method:

If not what you are looking for, please specify more details.

You can do a custom formula when creating records to +1 to the count.

I create my own “record ID” number parameter for this exact reason.

For example, when an admin user creates a course on our “Online Learning LMS” template, we take the maximum course ID number and add 1, like this:

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Thank you very much! This solution is most suitable. You can generate the key yourself when the rows from the database will not be deleted for sure. In my case, some of the tables will be managed via statuses, but some will simply delete rows that are not needed for further work.

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