🔥 New Templar Design Template: Online Learning LMS

Struggling to create and sell your courses and lessons?

Our new “Online Learning LMS” app template is the perfect platform for you! With our easy-to-use admin dashboard, you can quickly get your courses online and start making money.

Our simple course management system makes it easy for users to find the courses they want, purchase them, and then access them whenever they want. They can mark each lesson as complete as they go so they can track their progress. You’ll love our template – we guarantee it!

Online Learning LMS Includes:

  • 44 Total Screens
  • 22 Admin Screens
  • 22 Customer-Facing Screens
  • Admin dashboard helps you manage your courses, lessons, payments, users, and promo codes
  • Promo codes to discount your courses for users (like coupons)
  • Users can track their progress by marking each lesson complete
  • Users can leave ratings and reviews for courses they’ve enrolled in
  • Only uses free Adalo components (no paid marketplace components required)

Updated! This template no longer requires any 3rd-party components.

View the demo to see how it works!

Now available on the Templar Design website!


@Flawless nice template. Was it built entirely on Adalo? And how did you host the videos?

Thank you, glad you like it @endieumunna ! :man_mage:

Yes, the app template was built entirely with Adalo. I made the video in Adobe After Effects.

Can I get a link and check it out? That is, the actual product? Also is it PWA?

I do not have a demo link for the template at this time. In order for me to create demo versions of the templates, I would need to publish them so that the record limitation wouldn’t get in the way of any users testing. With the current pricing model and taking into consideration that I’m already well above the 10 apps allocated for the largest plan, this would cost me an additional $25 per month per template. I currently have 18 templates, which would run an extra $450/month. In that scenario, I would have to raise the prices of my templates to compensate for the additional expense.

Perhaps within the next couple of months, I can figure out a way to demo the apps so that they can be simplified or slimmed down to show the functionality without the need of handling many records.

It is a native mobile app build, not a desktop PWA.

If you’re grappling with the intricacies of creating and promoting your courses, I’ve found a solution that might be the perfect fit. The “Online Learning LMS” app template is a comprehensive tool that simplifies course management while enhancing the overall learner experience.

Moreover, for those considering a branded e-learning platform, I’d highly recommend AcademyOcean White Label LMS (https://academyocean.com/whitelabel). It allows you to create a personalized e-learning platform tailored to your brand, ensuring your courses’ unique and professional look.

Take a moment to explore the demo of the “Online Learning LMS” demo and see its capabilities. Coupled with AcademyOcean’s branding solutions, you could truly set your courses apart!