There is a bug with Multiselect Dropdown and/or using a Filtered List to display content

I’m not asking for help with this but there’s no other applicable category in the forum to post this. I have also submitted an official bug report to Adalo, but just wanted to inform the community in case anyone is struggling with anything like this as well.

Here is a link to the video outlining the issue:

The short of it is:

  • list of users filtered by their assigned Role, chosen from a Dropdown list of Roles.

  • Create User page with a Multiselect Dropdown to choose what Role to assign to the user.

  • If you try to update the Current User with the selected Role from the dropdown, the user will not show up in the filtered list.

  • If instead you choose to update the selected Role with the Current User, the user WILL show up in the filtered list.

I confirmed that as far as the collections themselves go, the Roles are correctly being applied to the User Collection no matter which way they are added with the multiselect dropdown, but the list is only displaying them if you add the User to the Role instead of the other way around.


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