'This account must use a different login option.' 🤔

Recently I’ve been getting this message when I try to login in to my app. I’ve logged out of the app on all my devices and still get this message.

What does this message mean? How can I log in again?

Hi @BeautifullySimple,

Could you please share some screenshots of this message?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @BeautifullySimple,

Very interesting!
I managed to reproduce this message, here is the case:

  • I had an account, which was signed-up via Google OAuth
  • I tried to log in with the email from this account, using the regular email+password field
  • got the same message.

Unfortunately, I don’t have details about this logic. I guess Password field should look like empty in the DB - for example, when I re-created Google account in Adalo app, I got the same message; but after password change in the DB I managed to log in via regular form.

So I guess you try to log in using to the account, which was creating using Google (or may be Apple?) login buttons.

Best regards, Victor.

I figured it out:

  1. click forgot password
  2. reset password

Very confusing error message, though. The error message is actually something we can change (Login Errors from users), so I recommend writing something like this in the error message:

‘Try resetting your password with the link below’


Update - to keep the results for future Adalo Makers.

After to my investigations, I can see that the message “This account must use a different login option” could be seen, when:

  • Password field in the log in form is set to “required”
  • in Users collection, password field of the user is empty (not [hidden] !).

In turn, the password field can be empty when:

  • admin has created the user manually and kept password field empty (I consider this to be non-normal case)
  • user has created the account via Google or Apple sign-in buttons (this is usual case).

I can confirm that changing the error message text in Login → Advanced changes the actual error message from “This account must …” to the custom one.
Though this approach is questionable, as there might be cases when users need to be restricted to the original login method (e.g. user signed-up with google → user always must log in with google), and having this “different login option” message will help in that.

As there is not a lot of information about this message, leaving the results of my research here.



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