The Password field cannot be required!

Goodmorning everyone,

I’m having a problem with the Password (logged User) field.
I want to request the password (again in addition to the login) to access a private area (account settings) for greater security.

But I realized that if it creates an input field in which to have the user enter only the password and perform an “IS EQUAL” check on the password of the logged user, this always goes wrong. because I saw that the data inside Password (logged user) is [Hidden].
And in fact if I write [hidden] in the input, the control passes correctly! But the user’s password is not “[Hidden]” !!!

How can we ask the user for the password again?
I cannot create a second login form, to access the private area, because it would be too risky!

I need to ask the user for the password as extra security to access private settings, like most social networks or other apps do!


You could require the user to create a login pin like some apps do. Then have them use the pin to access their settings.

Is there no way I can prompt the user for the password?

Why can’t you use the second login form? I’m missing why that’s “too risky”.

Adalo hashes passwords (for everyone’s good!) so you can’t match the password without using the login component. A workaround from using the entire component is:

  1. Request user password and log them in - email = logged in user email. Password = passwordInput
  2. Move to next page if user is logged in. If the password is incorrect, it fails to move forward (at least in my browser test)

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