Time range based true false Property

Is there a way to set true false properties based on a range of time.

e.g. this property will be set to true from this date to that date

Not yet. But hopefully soon

Dang okay :frowning: fingers crossed that its very soon lol thanks for the quick response

Hi @adalouser500,

It couldn’t be done automatically as @CopyThat has mentioned.

However, you can create a conditional action to update the True/False property, and update it only sometimes: if some other date/time property is before/after/between the required times.
This is manual way to update which happens only when user interacts with the app :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you I’m going to give that a shot today! I’ll have more questions later I’m sure haha

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I was able to set a conditional action where the option to select a service was only visible if the current time was between the item’s set available start time and available end time.

Merchants provide service/item
User selects a time and date of service

I have two issues.

Is there anyway to implement the calendar with this, where a merchant user could select a specific date on the calendar which in turn would select or deselect that date for the item/service availability?

I want the merchant user to be able to specify availability for the month with an option to exclude weekends for the service they provide. Is this possible?

Hi @adalouser500,

Answering your questions:

  1. I’m not sure that it is possible to do something like this with the built-in Calendar component.
    There is another issue here: you’d like to mix 2 approaches for time reservations - “slot-based” and “range-based”. For “slot-based” you will need to have a DB with slots, which need to be created in advance. And then you will need somehow to filter the request based on these slots, before setting the range.
    I would say, this is not very easy thing to implement :slight_smile:
  2. See above.
    Counting whether the day is weekend or not could be implemented.
    Determining which month is it, from a date (which is stored as Float - integer is number of days since 1/1/1970, fraction is a “fraction” of the day) - it is not very obvious task as well.

I could be overcomplicating stuff here… but as for me, I’d recommend to think about whole business process and see what is essential/not essential.
May be these “availability slots” should be mainly used. Or, on the contrary - merchant should create “not-available” slots.


Right now I have it set up where the merchant can specify if the item/service will be available established through a start date and end date. The service will appear as available in the marketplace if the current time is in between this selected merchant range. I also gave the merchant the option to set an item as active/inactive with a toggle switch only visible to the merchant which takes away the user option to request the service. If a request for service is confirmed then the service is automatically set to unavailable for users not involved in the service request. My issue is that, in the grand scheme it would be more viable for users to be able to submit a request for dates that the service or item is available regardless of whether the service is being used at that very moment or not. There’s a lot going on within the app I don’t think adding another collection solely for the calendar is very viable so I’ll probably avoid using it to select/deselect dates of availability and more so as a visual aid to the merchant.

Do you think implementing Calendly would be a more viable option overall?

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Hi @adalouser500,

To be honest, I don’t have the definite answer.
Last time I did something like this, with a “real-life” testing I’ve discovered that users don’t really need such an option (and I’ve spent a lot of time implementing it). But your case might be completely different.
Having an external service which handles the calendar may sound viable, but it adds additional layer of complexity and therefore reduces app reliability. So probably I would go with an internal dates storage… but that depends, as I’ve said.

Sorry for not giving you a single solution :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help! I do think my app would benefit from being able to use a calendar as a visual selection tool but I do agree that implementing a 3rd party for that isn’t ideal. Hopefully more action options become available for the calendar and that state properties become available soon.

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