Setting Availability through Calendar

Users/Merchants on my app offer different services or items that can be booked for different periods of time. I’d like to allow the user to set availability for the month for these individual services/items using the calendar component rather than limiting acceptance of booking requests(which is what the app does now).

The consumer submits a request with a start date and end date in addition to the number of days the service is requested, the merchant can only accept one request at a time even if the dates for the item do not overlap. I’m waiting on the state update to handle a few issues which limit me from hiding active(agreed up/paid for) requests but I was wondering if there was a way to avoid this dilemma by implementing the calendar. I’d like the user/merchant to set dates of availability for their service/item and i’d like the consumer/user’s submitted start date and end date to update availability after payment is made. Is there a way to do this?


I would like to do a similar workflow also:

Providers are able to set their availability per week (days and hours) which can be changed at any time.
Consumers can then book a provider based on the calendar availability of the provider.

Looking for any pointers as it is a bit cumbersome as a user experience to have to keep going back and forward to request/accept a booking.


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Also looking forward this functionality.

Can this be done with formula and calendar app in marketplace? Or would it be better to do Zapier and GoogleCal?