Timeline on Geolocation

Hello. I asked about 4 months what kind of timescale we’re looking at for Adalo to enable geolocation and mapping functionality, whether it would be days, weeks, months, or years. I was told months. So I wanted to check back in to see if there has been any progress in this area? How far out is it looking now?

I get the GPS coordinates and full location, and I take it to an Adalo database through this:


The External function “Custom Form” and then through Zapier and WebHook I send it to an Adalo database.

I hope it helps.


Precisely the Places function that can be executed from Webview within Adalo shows points of interest in an area. For example, you could create an APP for an area of Paris, where centers of interest are marked, with personalized information, and click on the map, make them larger or smaller, or move away or approach the current point, to see the points of interest closer. It is intended to create a travel guide, for example.

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