Tinder app functions (Like, Dislike, Match) using list with filters

Hello to everyone!

For now I have a problem with Adalo database setup trying to make all Tinder functions using list with buttons and custom filters.

I have a screen with List - All users (Display 1 item)
I also have created 2 buttons (Like, Dislike)

I tried multiple different strategies but they don’t work :frowning:

what I tried:
In Users collection created Users to users (many to many relashionship): LikeList, DislikeList, LikedMe, DislikedMe, SeenBy

In the list when Button Dislike on Click Action:
Updated Logged in User - DislikeList - Add Current User
Updated Current User - DislikedMe - Add Loffed in User

In the List I Have created filter in order to update the list when I click Dislike Button

Current User - DislikedMe
Does not Contain
Logged in User

And the fun part, updates work, they add users to list - all like I wanted… But the filter does not work at all!

I have no idea how to update the list in order not to display Disliked users…

Would be very thankful for any advice or help! Thanks in advance!

Hey @HApp! Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Checkout this video by Michael Ionita: How to build an app like Tinder | No programming required | Adalo Tutorial - YouTube

Hi! Thanks, I have already watched it. By the way the whole concept used in video is somewhat different from actual Tinder app.

I Have very specific questions, concerning filter work. I don’t use Deck Swiper component because it has an error that is not fixed yet. So I swithced to using custom lists with filters.

Actually I don’t understand why filters does not work properly in List. I checked multiple times.

As I said, as I have a list of Users (all users), I then want to make filter in order to update the list (after Logged in user presses like or dislike button).

I have created User to user relationships (many to many): DislikeList, DislikedMe and so on

When logged in user clicks Dislike Button - On click action is:

Update User - Logged in User - DislikeList - Add - Current User
Update User - Current User - DislikedMe - Add - Logged in User

I checked multiple times and it works. Users are added and so on. All disliked users get a Logged in user record added into DislikedMe property.

And then the filter for the List - All Users:

Current User - DislikedMe
Does not Contain
Logged in user (magic text)

That must work and hide Current User that already has Logged in User in their DislikedMe.
But for some reason that filter does not work.

Hi @HApp ,

If you can provide cloneable app, we can examine.

I see no problem using custom list for this use case.

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Thanks for your reply! I will provide clonable app! Thanks in advance!)


Here is the link.
It has the database settings and list + filter.
I tried to create Like, Dislike and Match Function (Mutual Like).

List should be updated to hide profiles that have already been seen (Liked or disliked, that does not matter)

Okay, I will clone and examine.

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Thanks a lot!

Ok, all I did was to add another filter,

Here is the revised version,


Great! Thanks a lot for your help!

If you don’t mind, I have one more issue concerning Match function.

How to watch New Match creation so that to perform action when new match happens?

Do I have to use Integromat - Adalo - Watch record function? Or maybe this could be done in Adalo itself?

I want the popup to appear any time when new match is created (I know how to create popup and so on) , the only problem is to make function that is constantly monitoring Match collection waiting for new records.

Thanks in advance!

What is your logic to finding match.

An example could be helpful.

Match is a mutual like.
When “Current Person” Likes our profile we have a new User in Property in User’s Collection LikedMe
Then When we like any profile there is a function to check whether Current user contains us (logged in user) in their LikedMe.

So Match is when two users like each other. It means that some time ago one user liked out profile, and the Match record is created when we like that user’s profile. Match is only created if the user we like has liked us earlier.

I have created Match collection in database and tried to add Match creation and check function on Like Button.

If you can take a look that would be very helpful! Thanks!


I make modification here,

You are close, but need systematic testing.

Thanks for your attention and help!

The main problem is that it shows more than one Match with the same user… maybe I should perform Update Match rather than Create Match with each Like button press?

And also now I am stuck with the function to display Match Modal when New Match Created not only to Logged in User, but also to Current user. As far as I understand that could be done via Trigger Notofication for Current User when New Match is created…

You can do more experiments with these.

If you are still stuck, I can help you with more efforts, and let me know if you still need me.

Hi, Again! Could you please take a look at my database?

What I tried to make:

A list of doctors, that can be filtered using different parameters (multiselect dropdowns and toggles).
I have created a collection called Search Filter and made relationships with other collections and Users collection (they were created for multidropdowns to display different values)

But I have made an error somwhere and I don’t know in which type of relashionship…

If someone could take a look I would be very thankful!

I made clonable app

A only added one Pediatrician Doctor so it can be tested only with Pediatrician type selected!

Thanks in Advance!

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