Tracking Notification request acceptance

I wanted to track user acceptance of my app’s notification request pop-up. Did anyone achieve to track it?

I was using MixPanel for tracking this data and recently discovered that it was incorrect data and wasn’t what I needed. (I tried to get this data by the “Trigger Notification” event.)

I’m researching how to achieve this, so here are my current “solutions”. I think there are three options:

  1. Using Arbitrary JS component + MixPanel SDK
  2. Custom Actions + MixPanel API
  3. Using a Third-party Notification Management Library (like OneSignal)

Option 1 I’m using Pragma Flow’s “Arbitrary JS” component. To track this data, I believe I need to download MixPanel’s SDK files, so I’ll need to edit the code. I’m unsure if editing this code will lead to the desired outcome, as there can be errors due to Adalo’s React Native versions.

Option 2 While trying Option 2, I realized I might need to be on the Enterprise plan. The “Send HTTP Request” option for Adalo custom actions is only available in the Enterprise plan or higher. If I’m currently on the Team plan, I’ll need to upgrade to the Enterprise plan to utilize this feature (which I can’t afford, unfortunately).

Option 3 Similar to “Option 1,” I need to create a custom component for this, and I’m uncertain if it will work properly. I haven’t used OneSignal, and my theory is that I will then need to send all my push notifications using OneSignal, which may not be affordable for me and will take lots of time to implement.

Maybe there are easier ways to achieve getting this data; let me know if you have succeeded in this.

Hey Anar,

After the screen or flow where you present the notification acceptance, send a notification to the user via the Adalo Notification API and you can interpret the response and store it in the user table under your chosen field. Read in the docs about Server Response.


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Thanks, @Rozza again. I’ll try it

You’re welcome. Periodically you could send an individual notification to each user, and update your user table. You need to be careful because you could be capturing uninstalls or inactivity (Adalo login = 2 week token duration? I’m not certain) .