Tracking users's location lively

Hello everyone,
I have google map components in my app. But I want to track locations of users lively for temporary moment (like sending live location in WhatsApp).
How can I do this ?
Is it possible ?
Is there another solution to do this ?


Unfortunately, this is not possible in Adalo. This feature is only available in a coding environment

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I think it’s possible to create a private bean that will do your task.

Yeah, I did actually yesterday. When user press button on app it updates user’s recent location

Did you get this to work by a user updating their own location? Or did you find a way to get one user’s location when a different user clicks a button?

When users clicks some buttons it updates their current location.
Then the other user can see his/her location by clicking specific button.

It shows their exact location, it is great BUT I want to make their location 1km wide circle for their security, saying “X probably in this area”