Tracking webapp visitors through to booking

Hi All,

I have a web app where clients register and then book an appointment with a doctor.

I want to know if I can use tracking through Klaviyo and Google ads to know how many vistors to the webapp actually proceed through to a booking?

Happy to pay if anyone has experience in this.


Hello, do the users book inside the app or there’s a third-party booking system connected?

Thank you!

Hi, they “book” through the app but really all that happens is they make a payment through Stripe - then an email is sent to confirm the booking. So no external software.

I think I have solved it by firing a webhook at different stages of the sign up process and booking screens, and then using Make to add the user into Klaviyo.

With the google ads side, I created a landing page on the clients website (this is through WIX) and put the google script on there. I have redirected the user from the app to this page once booking payment has been completed.

Will be interesting to see if this all works as expected.

Currently the app has 10,000 registered users and 17,000 bookings and is running perfectly.

I am working on a similar booking app but for a hair salon. I am having problems with filtering the times that have been booked and booked. I am assuming it has to do with the way I set up my database. I have one collection for the Stylist and another for the Time Slots (with a many to many relationship). When I changed Selected Time Status, in the Time Slot collections it affects all the Stylist associated with that time (which seems logical but it’s not what I am trying to accomplish). Any help will be grateful.

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