Transfer PWA to DWA

Hello all,

I’m working on my PWA and after lot of thinking I realised that I ought to have a desktop web app too. My question:

a. Can I simply transfer the collections, test database and screens to the DWA?
b. Do I need to re-do the screens or will the PWA screens be rendered automatically on to the DWA?
c. Will the DWA content appear on PWA and vice versa? I mean, are the PWA and DWA linked or are they independent?

Any other advice on making the transition smooth?

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I have the exact same question in mind, I posted a similar topic few hours ago (about the best “combo”).

Can’t wait to have feedback too!

a. Create a new web app & under advance option select the existing pwa database.

b. From PWA you have to copy all the components & paste it to the web app. The component function will be copied but the screen will not.

c. Yes, because it shares the same database


Thanks @ishantanusrivastava.

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Wow, copy/paste from mobile to desktop web app, great!!