Android to pwa turn android to pwa keep both app

does anyone know how to make a adroid app pwa like i still want to keep my android app i created a new app ad i want to make them look the same and share database(i know how to share database

Unfortunately, the easiest way to do this is to create a new app that shares the database. Then, copy and paste all screens from one app to the other, then adjust for the specified format.

Like if you have a mobile app first, create a new desktop pwa, copy all screens from the mobile app, paste them into the desktop pwa, adjust all screen sizes to be larger.

If you have a desktop pwa first, create a new native mobile app, copy all screens from the desktop app, paste them into the mobile app, adjust all screen sizes to be smaller.

You will need to manually relink all of the links you have connecting screens. This part kinda sucks sometimes but meh, it’s alright I suppose. Better than recreating the entire app from scratch.

oh i see or i could just copy all of the screen and just paste it thank you

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