Transitions and hiding app

Hello, I’m very new to Adalo.
I am building my app but can not get my pages to transition. The first page transitions but the second page just keeps thinking (spinning wheel) then nothing happens. Help please.

Also, if my app is a resource for a specific population that my require privacy can the app be disguised as say a calculator?

Hi @theslipout, If a button keeps spinning it is usually a sign that there is no action assigned.
If you are totally new to Adalo I recommend to watch Getting Started - Adalo Resources

Also I am not sure what you mean by “disguising” an app.
If you want to declare a private chat app as a calculator in the app stores that would probably not go through the review process and be rejected by Apple and Google.

Hi, thank you.

I’ll watch that. Just when I thought I had it the pages keep going back and forth automatically. I’ll figure it out.
I appreciate your comment.


Hi, you may not know this but my transitions are set on push but go automatically in preview. I don’t know how to fix that.

Thanks so much. Sorry to bother you Karimoo.

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