Adalo Preview Pane Progresses Automatically

Hi - I have a simple web app that follows these steps:

  1. Signup/Login
  2. Home Screen that show a list of weeks (e.g., Week 1, Week 2 etc). This list is linked and sent forward to the Action Page.
  3. Action Page (that contains another list of games that take place in Week 1, Week 2). The game list is filtered down by Week only showing Current Week.

When I click on “Preview”, the app starts at the Home Screen (#2) and immediately jumps to a blank Action Page (#3) without me doing anything. No clicking. No nothing.

I can’t figure it out. Can anyone assist? My Adalo App is here.

Hi @aqsmith08, first of all welcome to the Adalo community! It seems that you have added a link action to the Contests Weeks screen. These actions fire immediately when a user lands on that screen. You can view your screen actions by clicking on the title text at the top left of your app screen, open the “Actions” accordion and can remove the action by clicking the trash/bin icon.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Zach - Thank you and so appreciate your quick response! I thought that link was needed in order to bring the data forward to the next page but I was mistaken. Much appreciated!

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