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Hello everyone we published our app (boh apple and android versions) into the italian stores and the app are in Italian.

If we wanted to launch the apps also in other states, would we have to make them from scratch or is there a way to change the language based on the position of the device?

Thank you all!
Filli’s team

Hi @Filli ,

Check Komun template for multi language,

Thank you, the previewer doesn’t work @Yongki

Are you seeing what I am seeing ?

Hey @Filli you don’t need to create a new app. check out Pragmaflows Translate component on YouTube. Works great. They also have a translation helper, where it exports all the words used in your app to CSV. Then use Google Docs Translate…and reupload the CSV.

Check out Pragmaflow YouTube they have a great tutorial on this. I used it a few months back and was great. Only caveat is that it doesn’t work with collection Data. In this case each collection item would also need to have a “key” I.e input for French, German, Italian etc.

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Thank you!