Translate the whole application into multiple languages

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well, I have an app that I would like users to choose the language for and the whole app translated. thank you

and please help me it’s a bit urgent and thanks again

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Translating is not possible at this moment. Sorry.

You can Vote here.

But you can try with this component created by @Davidaa_WoW

Or I think you have to copy the screens and convert the texts to that language and add link actions to that screens based on the user’s choice.

Thank you

Ok thanks i am trying the component

Great :+1: Your welcome

I create a games application which you have to fill in a form then it will be published on the home page.

My issue is the following :

  • once the form is completed, I want it to all appear on the home page. But I can only see the title and subtitle so I want to add a line (text) to display other information

  • I want to hide the numbers it can only be displayed after completing an action

  • I want that in the description section I do not want to give the possibility to put a number

  • and finally how can I add a drop-down menu in the information form

NB: the home page displays all the information entered in the form.

thank you and help me please

You can add text components to the list.

What Numbers?

I didn’t get it.

Create a relationship between that collections ( Many to one). And then go to the form and add that created relationship property as visible then a dropdown will appear or you can create a custom form and add the dropdown component.

More Information.

You can add a list and choose the collection ( The collection where the form is creating new ones ) and display the records.

Thank you

how can you show me some capture?

phone number

for example in the text component we can only enter the text and not a number, it is because you text that we enter

You mean From Magic Text? You can put Numbers

Are you using the Custom List?

Hi @nxwfreelance2019 ,

I create an example here,

Just as you describe it. :grinning:

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I want to hide the number make it gray and make it visible after a subscription just for 24 hours and after that become gray again (invisible)

Please help me, I already appreciate your different help

Ah ok.

So you mean don’t show that text After 24 hours (Tomorrow)?

Thank you

yes after 24 hours the should not be visible

So tomorrow it’s invisible right?

And in your home screen it’s a list of that collection right? I mean where the collection that form creates new record

exactly what I want, it is visible after purchasing a pass and after 24 hours (tomorrow) it is no longer visible

To disappear that text after 24 hours you can create a Date property and set that in the form in automatically section to current Time and set the visibility condition to that text like Current Item created date property>is before > Tomorrow. Then after 24 hours it’s disappearing ( Tomorrow ). I tried and for me it’s working.

application test Copy - CryptoTab Browser 05_11_2021 01_29_47 (2)

I don’t know how to thank you for the help, I have one last thing to ask you, please, please, I can’t create a drop-down menu in my form. I explain, in the form after filling in the information I want the user to choose his price in the drop-down menu

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Ok so. In your Price collection create a relationship property with that other collection that creates records from the form and it’s Many to One. Then in the other collection the opposite property will create and then go to the form and add that property. Then a dropdown will appear.

And you can read this Docs too.

Thank you

please, you already do a lot for me, I really want you to help me on these two very important points for me

  • I create a rule so that the advertisement published on the home page is automatically deleted after 9 days in case it is not possible the advertisement becomes invisible after 9 days

  • I want a text to be as visible as for 24h and after invisible but every time a user comes he can always see for 24h

I thank you again and again for everything but please

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