Trick: Bulk update records

I’ve created this video to show a way on how to bulk update records in your apps.

When publishing the post, I found out that @Victor found this trick a couple of months ago…
But the video is already made, and I love this trick so much…
Hence why not publish it anyway? :slight_smile:

Hope you like it


Hi @montetennis
Is there a solution to bulk update a record that is a relation between 2 databases (not necessarily users), e.g. all the items are related to a specific item in another DB?
Thank you.

It is possible.

  1. You need to create a custom list, this list is for DB1
  2. Then add another list to the custom list, that is DB2
  3. Now put the countdown timer to the second list (DB2) and add the action you need.

Thank you @kicsijohn !

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Hey @ionutilie

I found your question very interesting, and made a quick tutorial out of it.

Hope you find it useful!



Hi @montetennis !
What an amazing support! :partying_face:
Thank you!