Trick: bulk-update relations

With a nested list approach, you can bulk update also the relations between two collections!

The link to the cloneable app is on the Youtube description



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Hi Paolo,

Thank you for this wonderful trick. I have an issue with some data I have imported and relationships. I know that it’s not possible to import a CSV with relationship properties, but maybe using this method I could update the data?

For example, if I have two collections, one is CITIES, and one is COUNTRIES. Is it possible to assign the specific country to the corresponding cities using this method? The import would have a property that is labelled “country” with the exact same name as the countries listed in the “COUNTRIES” collection. So - is it possible for the list to take the “country” property and update the relationship to the corresponding country?

If so, is it possible for you to show an example? I appreciate the help immensely.

This is very interesting. Will give it a shot in a couple of hours! :slight_smile:

Amazing… let me know what you find

Hey there

Quick video that answers your question (and not @Yongki as mentioned in the video aha :slight_smile: )



Wow, i’m going to give this a shot. Thank you so much for your help

Creative solution, @montetennis! Thanks!
However, I found it out Adalo’s server’s can’t really handle your trick for larger bulk updates, let’s say for several hundred or a couple of thousand collection entries.
Every few minutes, we’re getting their Yellow Strip Of Death (YSOD) saying “You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.”
It works well for a handful of records (which we could also update manually).
Any other ideas for bulk updates of relations?