Trigger a sold statement on item

How can I use a true false statement to trigger an item is sold on an auction?

Hi Raymond,

This is pretty easy. :slight_smile:

For Example, in your items collection, you would add a true/false property and name it “Sold?”.

Then when you get to the current item screen or any part of the item sold process, you would to an update action to update the current item > sold? > true.

Then when you come to display that on the item, you would do current item > sold? > is true.

I hope this helps!

Thanks I will try that. You make it sound easy. Great job.

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Hello James I tried your idea but I don’t think I did it right. It did work but it didn’t work the way I need it to work. I may be doing something else wrong. I will keep your suggestion but maybe find a different approach to the problem. Still needing help.

Can you share how you’re going to use this? or display it in your app? So I can see if there is a better workaround.

I would like to be able to have the message" item is pending sale" to pop up over the item once item is sold when other users click the buy botton so that other bidders come to that item they don’t continue to bid on an item pending sale.

Example: I click the buy button to buy item once I click to buy then no one after me can click on that item to buy it. Because a sale is pending it user do not buy that item can be reset after no buy is confirmed. Not sure how to send you a copy of the app. It would be better if you could see it.

You can have the buy button shown only when the “Sold” property is true and a pending sale icon shown instead. Depending on your trigger, you can have it change the property of “Sold” changed back to false to show the buy icon again.

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Great idea I didn’t think of going in that direction. Great advice Thank you

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