Automatic Expired Status

Hello, how can we make a true/false automatically on some property in database collection after several hours?

Let say if someone creates a transaction, then if in 5 hours the admin doesn’t confirm it, so the status of the transaction will turn automatically to Expired.

Hello, is this possible?

Hey! I found this on another post: [quote=“Ben, post:3, topic:917, full:true”]
You could have a record that updated with the first button that sets a start time. Then for the second button, you could update the record again with the end time. You could then add another conditional action that updates the record by adding 1 point, but this action only runs if the end time is greater than the start time plus 1 minute
[/quote] It´s not the same issue but it might help you.

If that does not work you could also create a list with two categories, one that says confirmed and the other expired and set different filters and rules based on the time they were created.
So you would need to create a collection that says x status then name one active one not active, set a relationship and tru or false.

I´ll try to make one myself to see if I can send you a link and the exact method, hope this helps you solve this issue.

Keep going!
Marino Moro.

Alternatively, you could add a time field to the collection record called ‘expires at’. When the record is created, use magic text (current time + x days) to fill this. You can then choose to hide the record in lists, or show ‘expired’ next to it, or have it so it can’t be clicked on for an action or whatever if ‘expires at’ is less than current date/time.

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