Trigger notifications do not work and data associated with users are not working (URGENT)

I just discovered adalo and when I made an application, my friend checked my application and told me the problem with the application. The problem of my application is the notification relationship between users, that is, trigger notifications do not appear in users. will this be resolved?

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Hi @dragonapp,

Did you make a native app build for your app? Push notifications work only for the natively-built apps.

Also, could you please clarify what is “notification relationship between users” and what is “trigger notifications do not appear in users”?

Just in case, here is a couple of videos how to create a sample notification app:

It shows the “split” approach (when admin console for sending notifications is separated from the app), but you can of course sent notifications from within the app itself.

Best regards, Victor.

hello victor. I am using the video call component. And think like whatsaap, when you call a friend, a screen comes to the homepage for your friend to reply (this screen is available on the home page of my adalo application), but even though you press the call button of the person you are calling and wait on the call screen, there is no notification that you are calling that user. And since this notification does not come to the homepage of the other user, unfortunately he cannot see the call. and cannot join the call because the call screen does not see it.

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