Trigger notifications are not sending to the participants

Trigger notifications are not sending to the participants.

Trigger notifications are not sending to the participants. Since the lists are not renewed, users calling each other cannot receive notifications and calls cannot be made. Please fix this issue caused by trigger notifications


Is my problem similar to yours? can you help me @PrincessElena just discovered adalo and when I made an application, my friend checked my application and told me the problem with the application. The problem of my application is the notification relationship between users, that is, trigger notifications do not appear in users. will this be resolved?


I don’t know about this subject. I’m sorry. i think adalo has a problem and trigger notifications are not working


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I don’t know please submit a support ticket to the adalo team. I sent a ticket and am waiting.


you are welcome. @dragonapp


i have the same error @dragonapp @PrincessElena @anon78309838 @James_App_Maker @Victor @pford

Is this on a native app or on a web/PWA app?

Hi Patrick :wave: :wave:

When the user clicks the video call button and the other user has to get the notification and when he clicks that notification or when that user is currently using the app the incoming call screen have to display but it’s not displaying and the notification is not going. And Patrick this is on a native app.

Thank you :blush:

Gotcha. So actually what you’re describing is actually called deep-linking and is not something Adalo can do currently. It basically means that the notification is in reference to a specific video call on the video call screen. Right now, all notifications can do is take you to that screen - it cannot join a specific call already in progress.

As for why notifications are not going through at all - this could be because of several things:

  1. Check to make sure you are logged in as a user
  2. Check to make sure users are actually a part of the conversation
  3. You cannot send a notification to yourself, even if you are logged in on two different devices
  4. Notifications only work on native apps

Patrick does the Adalo is adding this feature in the future? :grin:

We would certainly like to, but it’s not on our roadmap at the moment because it’s quite a complex project.

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Patrick in the trigger notification action the recipient field has to be current conversation > members all know?

Ohh . Ok Patrick . I hope you’ll can add this feature :innocent:

Yes it should be Current Conversation > Members(Users) > All

It’s usually best to evaluate by the user’s email instead of username since email is what is used to identify for notifications.
Sometimes deleting and re-adding the action can help reset it as well.

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Thanks Patrick for the information. :innocent: :facepunch:

Tyler here, creator of the demo app referenced in this thread. @pford feel free to tag me any time you see a conversation pop up around the video calling component and I’ll do my best to assist with support.

A few things to note:

  1. The demo app has been updated to reference the user email. The username field is not used in the demo app and remains blank. So, the trigger logic is:
  2. Deep linking workaround—It’s a known limitation that a trigger notification cannot persist Adalo screen data. So, what we do to get close for creators who insist on recreating native incoming call functionality is (a) send a notification that links to the screen that displays the “Incoming Call” component group (Home screen in the demo app) that (b) conditionally displays based on if the user has a pending call.

I hope to continue working closely with Adalo to improve incoming call functionality, but for the time being, this is the workaround.

If there is a breakdown in any of this experience, it’s important to keep what @pford said in mind. It’s because:

  1. Trigger notifications (a) only work in on native builds and (b) you need to filter the user list by what’s available in your database: probably email and ensuring that the intended recipient will actually populate in the results of your filtering.
  2. That your conditional display of the Incoming Call component group behaves as intended. You usually don’t want two tabs open for the editor but for the sake of this test preview the Home screen of the demo app in one tab, and with the Callers database view open in another tab, set the relevant “Caller is waiting” to true.

I know there’s a lot to digest here and a lot of conditions based on how your apps may vary, so I’ll do my best to remain active in this thread should anyone else have any questions.


It may be worth noting as well that though the demo app builds and works as expected on native devices (make a new copy for a fresh start), there’s no need to be married to the implementation logic. I bring this up because, though my implementation works, it was designed to use the Adalo chat template with as few modifications as possible.

My recommendation here is to review your app according to the guidance in this thread and read up on Adalo docs to fully familiarize yourself with the Trigger Notifications feature and component conditional displays (as used on the home screen of the demo app).

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