Trigger Notifications not working on all my apps. Request for notification permission not working too!

Hi, i am using a request for notification permission function on the welcome scree of three of my apps. However, the feauture is not working. Furthermore, triggered notificaions for certain actions like sending messages are not working. Even the “when user opens this page, set action- trigger notification” is not working. Please help!

or for PWA

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I hope you already know that push notifications will not work for PWA

Yes, they’re not working on the android app…native .apk

@calco Are you still experiencing these issues?

Yes, on all apps. I have tried installing on a different phone but still no triggered notifications.

Till yesterday, all my notifications were working fine with firebase, today all fails…

Hi, @Colin Trigger notification not working since the last couple of week.

they work fine for me also they dont work on the phone web app but you can test it with the PREVIEWER in adalo just for your information.

@CopyThat Thanks for your information PREVIEWER also not working :roll_eyes:

Send a screenshot of your notification setting

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