Trigger Notifications not working


I had a rather quick question. For the life of my I cannot get trigger notifications to work on my app. I’ve gone through many tutorials and all the resources and it certainly appears to be set up properly.

I ensured all the buttons and databases were setup properly so I was extremely confused when I exported the apk and loaded it onto my phone (Pixel 4 in case that matters) and it didn’t work. I’ve tested it many many times.

I’m unsure if there’s a way for me to share the project with an individual if anyone would be willing to take a look?

I have a very tight deadline and any and help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for any tips and suggestions.

So for anyone who stumbles upon this, turns out I made a super rookie mistake by simply forgetting to add in the google service key file.

Just completely forgot that was necessary to use the android services somehow. I want to leave this here in case someone makes the same mistake.

Best of luck!


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