Notifications not triggering. help please

hey, anyone who has their notifications working on their native app? mine are not triggering. I want to trigger a notification when someone sends a message on my chat app, I watched videos but they are still not showing, is there some kind of trick to this?

iOS or Android? Can you provide some more details?

My notifications on iOS are triggering.

even mine, raised support ticket 10 days back, no reply yet, it was working earlier without any issue, suddenly stopped for me.


android, Im not sure what else to include except that the Notifications are not triggering.

I wanted my app to send a notification to a user whenever a message is sent to them.

I’ve implemented many places in my app, its already available in play store, I’ve native version as well, it was used to sent without any problem for me, but not it’s not triggering at all. I tried custom action method as well, same issue.

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