Trouble with updating "sub" collection when "master" is updated

Hi, thanks all for the help - it has been such a great resource.

I am having trouble getting some relationships between collections to work as I intend, I think I am missing one aspect of how data flow works exactly, and can use some guidance!

I have one “master record” where one user can create an incident.

When they set up that incident, they give it a score, it is Incident Score.

Then users can choose that incident and add their own details.

When they add their response to that incident, users give it a score, Responder score.

Then in the Response collection, there is a field total score that gets summed Incident score + responder score with an action button when the user submits their score.

There is a relationship between the two databases - an incident name can have many responses.

The issue comes up when I have the first user edit the incident and change the incident score, I need to have the total score update for the responder total scores, without the responders now doing an action.

I tried to add an action to update the total score in the “responder” collection when the user edits the “Incident Name” but the “responder” collection is not available as an option for an action.

I tried getting to that page from a list of “responder” but it didn’t really work - I need to update all responses with the new score.

Thanks again for the help, hope my question is clear!

:wave: Hi @GOB

Are you able to share a cloneable link. DM if necessary.

It will be much easier to understand and solve :slight_smile:

Thank you @Rozza - I will share shortly!

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