True/False Visibility not working in Mobile

I’m facing problem with true/false field

Here is the home page of mobile app where I take a list & set it to Will be visible if logged In user > Approve - is true
Annotation 2020-05-06 143738

And I also take Image + Text and set it to
Annotation 2020-05-06 143803

I don’t know what’s is wrong with a mobile app but the strange thing is it’s working in the Web app, not in mobile version (Below is the image of mobile version)

In the above image, it should be showing only Text+Image not the list because this user is not approved (means the property is false)

Here is the video(Please resolve this ASAP they want (client) to launch the mobile app tomorrow):

Can you reslove this bug ASAP @Ben @jeremy

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@ishantanusrivastava we’re looking into it and will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for the reply, I’m developing this app for my client. I hope you will fix this soon :slightly_smiling_face: & in 1-2 days they will going to publish their app in play store so please resolve asap

What’s the status? @Ben Resolved?

This was resolved in a test case we re-created. Are you still having the issue on the app you’re working on?

As I mentioned earlier its working in web app but not in mobile version:


Hey @Ben due to this I’m not able to give the full app to the client. Can you resolve this ASAP & let me know.

What’s the status? @Ben @jeremy can you please update me so I’ll update my client too that in how many days I’ll deliver them the android app they want.

Hey @ishantanusrivastava - @Ben and I were talking about this a couple days ago, but I don’t know if that every made it back to you. There are two ways you can fix this issue. Either:

  1. Put a second Custom List on the page (can be empty, just need to be a custom list)
  2. Put the list inside a rectangle
  3. Show / hide the individual list items rather than the whole list

The problem is currently our show / hide rules are not working on lists when there is only one list on the page. We added support for higher-performance lists (when you have many items on the page), but this doesn’t support show / hide.

Let me know if you’re still not able to get it to work after trying these!

Hey @jeremy, it worked thanks for the help. :+1: