Truth Network Launched - Start to Finish in 5 weeks

We have launched our first app with Adalo! Coming from a web developer background and knowing nothing about Adalo, I have successfully updated our aging static app (formerly made with Shoutem). I was able to learn the entire system from scratch and have an app in the App Store in just 5 weeks. I think this is a true testament to how easy Adalo can be to pickup. The app features streaming radio, podcasts, account logins with Google and Apple, Guest Accounts, Favorite Stations and Shows and a custom push notification system. It uses almost entirely my own custom APIs. We use the built-in users table in Adalo and 1 table to store what’s on now for each station which is updated every couple minutes from our website.

Things are not perfect, we were not able to use the built-in audio component, it seems to have an issue with streaming radio so the play button is a web-component. I would love for that to be fixed!

I wanted to add, we were able to REPLACE our current app in the app store. Just make sure you use the same BUNDLE ID.

This is awesome. Nice work, and great tip about being able to replace the app.

wow, what an app! I didn’t know you can create this with Adalo!

thanks! I am finding you can do amazing things with a little tricks. Most I learned in these forums!