Trying to build an app outside of Adalo, and connect to Adalo’s database

I am building a web app outside Adalo. How can I have a comprehensive API to perform the basic CRUD operations and perfectly simulate the Adalo web app?

The first issue I encountered is checking if a user exists. I wanted to make a call to the API to check if a user exists in our database given an email address.

Please, how can I achieve this?

Hi @henry_kc,
Unfortunately Adalo API is still quite “primitive”, does not allow to perform filtering via endpoints. the best way to do this is 2 ways:

  1. More invasive option would be: Syncronize users from both sides, whenever you add one in Adalo, update the webapp and viceversa.

  2. A quicker option and Non-invasive, when a user is on the webapp, you need to call the ADALO user APIs and check if any user has that email.

Hi @JL_LJ,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my question. I appreciate that.

From the image below, the documentation did not provide a filter. I could have used finding by email to know if the user exists in the database, but I don’t know how. I can only get a single user by the user ID but this is not helping me to determine if a user is already registered.

My issue is; how do I check if a provided email address during registration already exists?


Hi @henry_kc ,
As I was explaining, if you are using the API directly, you need an extra step for this, first do a GET all, and then compare the email the get all results to check if the email exists (This could be done with Zapier/Integromat/Make).

Is the registration process happening in external app or Adalo app?

@JL_LJ, Everything will be happening in the external web application. We want to make sure we keep it in sync with the Adalo mobile app.