Adalo experiments: checking if user exists with Adalo API - Proof of Concept

I decided to share my “Friday Crazy Experiment” with you: an alternative way to check if user exists in a User’s database.

Comments are welcome - I’m in unchartered waters here :slight_smile:

Classical way of doing this is by having a custom list of users, having a button in this list, and adding a filter on the list so that user’s email equals the email in an input box. But sometimes this could be slow.
In this video I show an alternative - with Adalo API. This is a Proof of Concept and should be used with care :slight_smile: (especially when setting it up).

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Thanks, that is … way out there :slight_smile:

In my case I don’t want to check to see if the user exists, I want to check to see (on signup) if the Email is on an external list. So I am whitelisting a set of emails.

The current delay in external collections makes this it a bit tricky, but I like the idea of using an API like you did.

Thanks again.

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Hi @NigelG,

Ok, got that.
Not sure the way I used in the video work for this - as I’m using this “Email already exists” in Users collection as a kind of a “workaround” for uniqueness checking… but this will not apply to other collections.

Would be great to know how you solved it with API! It’s not an easy task as I see :slight_smile:

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