Trying to display a "family tree"

Heya all, I’m running into a rather complicated case that I can’t figure out how to architect/implement.

My app has to do with mushroom cultivation. The “Culture” table has a field called “Source” that links to another “Culture” record. A Culture can only have one Source. What I’m trying to do is display the lineage (i.e. linear family tree) of a given culture, and enable the user to click any of the past generations to view their details.

So far my best solution is to have a separate list (max items = 1) for each generation, and have the custom filter (top level filter = User’s > Cultures > Sources > All) become more and more recursive (see attached). This seems clunky since 1) it limits how far back I can display based on how many copies of the list I make and 2) I’m comparing string values in the Name field instead of a unique record ID (name should be unique but not guaranteed).

UPDATE: This approach seems to fail after the 2nd recursive level. Not sure why but Source>Source>Source>Name returns a random record regardless of the db relationships.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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