Trying to figure out how to set up in app gps tracking

I was trying figure out if it possible to give users the ability to track package or driver with google maps. Or maybe something to let them know the location of the driver

Would you be able to set a countdown timer to grab the drivers current location every so many minutes?

that would be good idea to try do that to see if it work

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Just a heads up. Imagine you set up repetitive countdown(s) to grab the location every, say, 30 seconds, and update Logged-in User record. Let’s also imagine that a driver needs to be tracked for 2 hours per day.

Refreshing geolocation will result in 240 requests / day / driver, which is equal to 7200 requests / driver / month. Each request will require at least one Adalo Update Logged-in User action. Also it might require Google API call(s) - as stated here Estimating Google API Usage - Adalo Resources, using device location will require 1 call (I can’t say why).

I believe you can do the math yourself and calculate how much Adalo App actions and Google API requests you will spend for 100 drivers :slight_smile:

Bottom line: beware of using repetitive countdowns, countdowns inside lists and on-screen-enter actions - they can spend your App Actions very quickly.


  • I am not touching the topic how to set up repetitive countdowns - this could be done but requires some effort
  • Also I’m not mentioning that in order this to work the phone screen should be always on; when the phone switches off the screen, countdowns will stop working (either immediately or in some time). This could be done by a custom component.


Forgot to mention: Adalo has a course in App Academy about Geolocation: Location Master Class: Building A Gig Economy Delivery App (Think Uber).
Not sure if it is optimised for app actions or not.

My app cover all those things just don’t have geo location tracking for the individual items