How to display data from users input?

Hi everyone!
I really hope someone can help me!

What I have:

Users have 10 exercises, after each exercise there is a form for users text, user presses “save” button and the record is created in the collection. Collection consist of all 10 texts. So when user creates first text the record is created, and after second exercise this record should be updated, and the same way with the rest.

Problem 1 is that I can’t figure out how to update current record. What I have now — every text is a separate record in a collection. How can I be able to update a record instead of creating new?

Problem 2 is that I need these users texts to be displayed on one screen, I know that its possible only when I send data from screen where this information is, and it works if screen has only one link with current info. But! It’s kind of a main page and I need a link to it from another main page. How can I deal with this problem?

And also I can’t understand how to display all text in one screen… when I create 2 text , the first text disappears …

Thank you in advance !!!

Hi @Helenakin ,

Can you share screenshots about your database setup, screens and filter in list ?

It would help me to know what have you done ?

While I try to find time to make simple cloneable app for you, but your screenshots first, make as comprehensive as you can.

hi @Yongki thanks ! I think that I’ve found the easiest solution — I added all these texts as a part of users collection, so I can easy update it and display all of them on one screen :slight_smile:

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