Two state button works?

Hi guys, I bought the component ‘two-state button’ from NoCode Monkey, @Michael
But I have some difficulties about adding actions, I am building the follow-unfollow features using two relations between users:
Following and Followers.
I update one collection using the toggle and I want to update the other field using another action when the toggle is on or off but it doesn’t work.
I implemented it correctly using the simple toggle icon but it was slow so I bought the component, any solutions?

Hello, please make sure that the relationships for followers and following are correctly implemented inside the component’s configuration. Second, please make sure that the actions inside the component match the updates that are going to take place after clicking on the button. If you checked these points and still having the problem, please share a screenshot of the component’s configuration and the collections and relationships related to it.

Thank you!

The action of “Following relationship” is changed by the toggle while the “Follower relationnship” by the update action, thank you @Ali-Bazzi

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