Very weird (or bug?) behaviour with 2 types of "follow" relationships


I’m encountering a very weird behavior that I document on the screen capture attached below.

On my User Profile screen, I have two buttons (actually groups of rectangles and text) that let users “Recommend” and/or “Follow” one another.

While different, these relationships have both been set up using the method indicated in the tutorial (, with the buttons option.

If I have only one of them on the screen, everything works exactly as expected. But if I have both of them on the screen, then the rules handling the conditional visibility seem to break down for the “Recommend” button and result in the very weird behavior shown, even though the clicks update the DB with the correct data.

The “Recommend” button seems to be displayed even if that user is “Recommended”, except when the “Follow” button is also clicked, which then results in both buttons displaying the opposite action.

Since those relationships are distinct, and the rules are as well, I don’t understand what could be the reason for that. And again the rules seem to be correct as with only one button on the screen, that button is behaving exactly as expected.

I would highly welcome any suggestions!


Hi @jnestour,

Did you try to open the app in a separate tab, and check the database status after each action (button click)? To see how the relationship changes in the DB? (you might need to reload the builder page sometimes, it happens that DB is not updated instantly there).

Other guess - you could doublecheck which properties are used in “sometimes visible” for each of the 4 buttons (as I understand there are 4 of them, right?). May be there is some mistake there?


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@Victor Many thanks for your reply!

I actually did check all that, and yes, you’re correct there are 4 visibility rules. The actions are performed correctly and the rules are correct.

The proof (apart from me checking maybe 20 times today :wink: ) is that when I have just one of the two buttons on the screen, they each work perfectly well. It’s only when I have the two on the same screen that I get this behavior :frowning:

Hi @jnestour,

This is really interesting.
I’ve made a POC, it seems to work:

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@Victor Thank you so much for taking the time again to investigate. This does seem to work with your POC which is reproducing what I am trying to do.

I have rechecked everything and the only difference I note is that I am not using Adalo’s built-in buttons but shapes and text as groups (because I can’t seem to find a way to reduce the size of the buttons and text).

I have made a 2 mins video showing the “Recommend” button working as expected on its won, then moving back to the same screen the “Follow” button, and showing how that then break things down. I have also added the list of users Recommended and Followed to make sure the actions always work indeed.

To say that I am mystified is an understatement :-/

Hi @jnestour,

I see, that looks weird :thinking:
What I could suggest - you could try to re-create these 4 buttons from, scratch.

Also, as an other option to investigate further - try to add the buttons (regular ones), make the same rules for them and see if the problem persists.

All my other ideas require to dig deeper into the DB structure & etc. :slight_smile:


@jnestour Did you end up resolving this problem? I can assist further if needed, just let me know.

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