Unable to link user to database

Hi, we have custom form with email input, where user add another user email, which will trigger search for select for that specific user in database.

When we want to fill the database, this user object won’t go to database (collection). And I can see this error - KIPPING ERRONEOUS DEPENDENCY Error: Selector failed: {“type”:“SELECT_VALUE_SELECTOR”,“selectObjectId”:“cyo2f2ebekuiaz1rykh7t6cmc”}.

More info - Screenshot-2021-09-19-at-0-50-12 — ImgBB. User is in selector found but won’t save.

Hi @mares,

Checked in my test app - similar setup works. Did you try to recreate the input and dropdown?
Also, please keep in mind that “is equal” is case-sensitive.

As a workaround (please note - this is a workaround) - you can do the following:

  • have Input field, there you’ll put user’s email
  • put a button below. Make it a list.
  • set up this list as a list of Users
  • filter this list with the condition: email is equal to input’s value.

As a result - when a user inputs some email, the button will appear only if user with such email exists. And then you can add any actions you want to this button.

Best regards, Victor.

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