Checking if user exists (without logging in)


Is it possible to make a conditional statement, that checks whether an input value (e.g. e-mail) matches any of the e-mails of the user records in the database?

I have only been able to do so when I trigger a notification, where I can make a filter on the recipient like this: “all users, where e-mail is equal to input value”

I would like to be able to make the same condition for a link to the next page. So if the user already exists (e-mail check), then do X and if the user does not exist, then do Y.


Hi @Mahol,

Not exactly what you’ve described, but might be useful.
You can make the button “appear”, when the email in the input box equals to the email of one of the registered users:

  • create an input box, make it an “email” type, let’s call it a UserEmailInput
  • create a button
  • make this button a “List” of Users, filter “All users”
  • add a custom filter: Email equals to UserEmailInput.

As a result: input box is empty - no records in the list are diplayed (i.e. no buttons visible). When the email in the input box equals to one of the users’ emails - a list element (i.e. button) become visible.

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Hi @Victor

Super hack, it does the trick to some extent.

However, if the user enters a non-existing e-mail, I can’t return another button for the user to e.g. create a profile.

Also, sometimes the button is substituted by a loading animation until something is written in the input field.

But thanks for tip - definitely valuable for now:)


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