Unable to pass values through a form in a list

“This field is required” error shows even when there is already values filled in.
When the error message is turned off, the form is able to be submitted but those fields will be blank in the database, even when values are entered.
Please help? Please watch this video to see this in action…

Hi Dan,

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I think it’s because the form is a list. Remove the list and keep the form only and try.
And is there any reason why you make the form a list?

Thank you

Hey Dilon,

Thanks for your reply! I do need to make it work with the form as a component of a list. So each list item on this page needs to have a form submitted and each form needs to correspond to an list item. I see that it is possible to add form as a component of the list so I thought it should work? Is there any workaround that allow me to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks for your help!

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