Submitting a Form within a list - non empty field errors out and say "This field required"

Hi There -

I used a list to bring back a “prompt” (something to help the writer to start writing).

I then have a form called “memories” within the list where the user writes in what they want to write.

I’m tying the “prompt” to “memories” so the user know what the prompt was when they wrote the memory.

They are two separate tables because the user can choose between multiple prompts that they want to use.

When I fill in the form I get an error saying that “This field required” even though it is already filled.

The form works correctly when it is not inside a list.

Any idea why this is happening?

I have only ever used small custom forms from within lists. This might be on the limits of what is possible.
I don’t really understand why you have it in a list and not a ‘detail’ or ‘modal’ screen.

If you need it your way, then raise a ticket to support, they will tell you if it’s possible.

Got it! Thank you!

I’m trying any way possible! I decided to use a list b/c I needed a way to update the specific entry on another table (call it table 2) after table 1 is updated.

Would something like this that I’m trying to do work if I was to use AirTable without using Make? I would like to use Make but the cost to go from Professional to Teams is 4X :frowning:

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