Unbearably slow performance

Hi everyone, I am currently experiencing unbearably slow performance. I am pretty much unable to do any work. Is anyone else experiencing that or is it just me? :weary:

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Are you referring to when you are editing the app, or using the app?

Hi, I am referring to the speed of editing where it takes dozens of seconds to perform a single task or orient in the inteface.

Can I please request some help here? It’s pretty much impossible to perform a single task.

Same practice! They know about it but for some reason they don’t do anything. This bug has been around for a long time !!!

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Could we please get some support on that?

try switching your browser , I switched to google chrome

We are aware of a few bottlenecks in performance within the editor. Particularly when it comes to many to many relationship update actions.

We are working towards fixes for the majority of these performance issues.

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Thanks for the advice. I had been using Chrome but it became extremely slow and difficult to work with. Then I switched to Firefox which seemed like a good idea but it became same.

Unfortunately, it’s not only with setting relationships. Now it takes to even move within a workspace and load anything. Hopefully, will be resolved soon because this is truly unbearable :confused:

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