"undefined" in database

I attached 2 images to show what I’m having issues with. I am new to this platform and am more familiar with reskinning apps. I am creating a chat app and wanted to add some custom fields to the user profile page when signing up. I created a “credit score” and “profile type” field in my app using the dropdown menus. For some reason the “profile types” show the profile types I created in the database but with “null” in the dropdown list. In the “credit score” dropdown all I see are “undefined” for each options I created in the database. While this platform is very simple, a lot of things are complex for no reason, a simple drag and drop without having to do all of this linking and creating databases lol it’s a bit frustrating. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance!

it has happened to me in the past. it sometimes happens when I copy-pasted the combo box for speeding on the screen creation. When you do that then you assign the source to the collection but the “label field” is not changed, and the right number of items appear with the “undefined” content.

  1. Check on your combo box,
  2. Check the menu options are properly pointed to the right collection
  3. Check for any filters to be properly set
  4. Check Sorting
  5. Check max number of items to display
  6. But most importantly: Check the “Label Field” and “Default value” of your combo.

This might help.


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